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Revier Cattle Company

Revier Black Angus Boneless Ribeye Steak Deliverd To Your Door!

Revier Black Angus Boneless Ribeye Steak Deliverd To Your Door!

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Get Revier Ribeyes delivered to your door! USDA graded Premium Choice Black Angus Ribeyes are distinguished by their rich marbling and natural flavor that runs through each steak. It is this incredible marbling that slowly melts and bastes the meat throughout the cooking process which creates a rich flavor and juicy texture everytime. Ribeye steaks are second to none.

Each steak is hand-selected, and hand carved by a master butcher to ensure you get the best possible, and then wet-aged to intensify its naturally delicious flavor. That is why our ribeyes are among the most flavorful, juicy, and tender ribeyes you'll ever eat.


GRADE: Upper Two-Third USDA Choice or Higher - Premium Black Angus Beef
WEIGHT: 16oz, 10oz
AGED: 6 weeks to enhance flavor and tenderness
PACKAGING: Individually wrapped/vacuum sealed to seal in the freshness
DELIVERY: UPS 2-day delivery where applicable - $30

Good marbling for rich ribeye flavor!

Best Beef - Every Time!

Flash frozen and individually sealed after carving for perfect Ribeye Steak delivery.

 Best Beef- Everytime! Seal

Serving Size 10oz
Calories 780
Calories from Fat 560
Total Fat 62.6g
Sodium 160mg
Protein 49.6g
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