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Revier Cattle Company

Order Revier Reserve Premium Black Angus Boneless Strip Steak!

Order Revier Reserve Premium Black Angus Boneless Strip Steak!

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Order our famous New York Strip Steak online! Revier Reserve Premium Angus Beef Strip Steaks: rich marbling, delicate texture, and an incredibly flavorful steak that is sure to satisfy any steak lover.  Premium Black Angus Strip Steak cuts are handpicked, hand-cut by Master Butchers, slowly aged to intensify its natural delicious flavor, and perfect for your next backyard grilling.

The Revier Reserve Black Angus boneless strips are among the most flavorful, juicy, and tender boneless strips you'll ever eat.


GRADE: Upper Two-Third USDA Choice or Higher - Premium Black Angus Beef
WEIGHT: 14oz, 8oz
AGED: 6 weeks to enhance flavor and tenderness
PACKAGING: Individually wrapped/vacuum sealed to seal in the freshness
DELIVERY: UPS 2-day delivery where applicable - $30

Firmer texture and bold beef flavor; well marbled!

Best Beef - Every Time!

Flash frozen and individually sealed after carving for perfect New York Strip Steak delivery.

Best Beef- Everytime! Seal
Serving Size 8oz
Calories 488
Calories from Fat 288
Total Fat 32.4g
Sodium 112mg
Protein 45.2g
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