What Does Revier Cattle Company's PC + EF2 = HQSB Mean?

Revier Cattle Company PC + EF2 = HQSB pewter plates

Here is the meaning of PC + EF2 = HQSB on our signature pewter plate:

PC • Premium Cattle - Revier Cattle Company raises Premium Black Angus Beef cattle. With decades of cattle raising experience, RCC is a true expert when it comes to choosing and nurturing Premium Cattle.

EF • Excellent Feed - Revier Cattle includes locally grown, high protein feed, blended and fed fresh daily for the highest nutritional value to the animal.

EF • Excellent Facilities - Our unique animal housing creates a stress-free environment for the cattle. 

HQSB • High Quality Sustainable Beef - Revier Cattle Company effectively and efficiently manages livestock production while protecting the environment for future generations.

Premium Cattle + Excellent Feed & Excellent Facilities = High Quality, Sustainable Beef.

Revier Cattle Best Beef - Every Day! Seal of Approval