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Revier USDA Prime Black Angus Beef is chosen by some of the top U.S. restaurants, retailers and importers in the world due to its superior flavor and tenderness.

Why Revier Beef Wet Ages All Our Beef

To perfectly wet age a steak, the beef is packaged in its own juices where there is an abundance of natural enzymes present.  During the aging process, these natural enzymes found in the steak, tenderize the beef, creating the tenderness everyone looks for in a great steak. This is one of the reasons Revier USDA Prime Black Angus Beef is better than the rest.


Rare to Well Done Steak Photo

What temperature should you cook your steak to? 

According to a Google survey of Americans that can cook, only 25 percent felt comfortable cooking steak without a recipe. The Miami Culinary Institute advises the doneness of a steak is measured by its internal temperature. To get the most out of your steak, it’s recommended to cook it no further than medium-rare for the best results (135ºF). Cooking your steak longer will cause the liquid and fat to dry up and the collagen in the muscle to contract, resulting in a toucher, less flavorful steak.

The USDA recommends steak internal temperature should be a minimum of 145º F and allow it to rest for three minutes.

USDA Steak Internal Temperature Graph